Sunday, 19 June 2011


I've recently been spending some time thinking and tackling issues in the area where digital planning, communications planning, and media planning overlap. Some might argue they are all the same thing. They are going through transformational change. We are in essence lost in a new civilization, explorers in a strange land trying to find a map to help us find its treasures. This slideshow looks at 8 new rules for navigating this new landscape.

Probably best to view this on slideshare. Feel free to download the presentation there.


Charles Frith said...

Some comments.

Cortez is a great quote for a WASP audience in NY but the hispanic populationa and all of South America might be a little offended by it. Just a thought ;)

Your point about the 'state'of the customer I totally agree with and is one I talked about here in terms of colour coded states. I think we need to research more about 'types' of internet experience and that transitions dimensions when moving around.

I might have some more questions about eco systems at a later point. Pick your brains if you don't mind.

rgds from BKK

Tony Effik said...

I hear you on Cortez, but if I took that same logic to my own origin (West African) I'd have to throw out quotes from most Europeans of the last 4 hundred years. Sometimes bad people say good things.

I just read your article on colour coded states. very interesting. it overlaps at a macro level with what I've been talking about, but the auction systems operate at a micro level. They are selling specifics, like people who are interested in cars, or flowers, etc. Enjoyed breadth of references, incl. Chomsky manufacturing consent.

I'll be doing some more thinking around states and ecosystems, as the two have interesting interdependencies. Would love to exchange some ideas with you on this.

Dhiren said...

Interesting points. I also think placing budget where there's a degree of lean-in behaviour is also important.

Niche blogs and forums are increasingly accepting advertising from brands that suit the tastes of their communities. Ever seen how many independent watchmakers advertise only in the most active watch collecting forums? A lot can be learn't from them.