Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Here are some of the skill sets that I will be focusing on in 2011. These skills aren't for those who want to dance around the edges of digital, but for those who want to dive deep into the grid, and want to do stuff that works, and get a real understanding of what makes this amazing system tick.

1. Knowledge of how to use social media platforms to manage communities
2. Knowledge of how to use social CRM to drive advocacy and lifetime value in communities
3. Knowledge of how to use mechanism design to construct experiences and sales promotions that incentivize short and long term community actions
4. Knowledge of how to do 360° degree community analysis including buzz analysis, social network analysis, & search zeitgeist tracking
5. Knowledge of how to use digital anthropology to discover insights for creating branded content & utilities
6. Knowledge of how to use social psychological models that exploit the social graph to spread ideas and products

Some polymaths and agencies will have skills across all 6. Most of us will aim to be good at a combination of these. I don't think being good at just one of these is enough any longer.

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