Thursday, 20 May 2010


Now social media is on everyone's agenda, how do we answer some of the big organizational questions? A lot of the social media work I do now is about helping firms organize for social media, particularly on a global basis. Cross-departmental organization is also a major challenge. I recently did a talk on who owns social media at Reputations Online.

How do you structure firms for the social age? Who does what? How do you motivate people?

This video shows that money is a bad motivator. We have other higher purpose motivations. These motivations are at the heart of successful firms like Apple, and Skype, and also sit at the heart of the success of open source initiatives like Apache, Linux, and Wikipedia. Although the talk is not about social media there are lots of interesting ideas that can be applied to social media. The video is based on a talk by Daniel Pink, an author on the future of work.


Benoit C said...

Great video, very inspiring. Calls for change!

Dhiren said...

I think a lot of the answers will point back to “holders of information,” people who can answer questions and participate in conversations with knowledgeable input.

These requirements will mean that people from outside of marketing will need to step forward, and marketing will need to build closer relationships with product development and customer relation teams.

All IMHO of course ;-)

Liking all of Pink’s work; he’s always been visionary thinker.

Tony Effik said...

Dhiren, I agree with your point about the 'holders of information' but I think encouraging them to step forward will not be enough. I think firms need to restructure, and make this type of conversation participation part of people's jobs.

Christian Anstice said...

Interesting post, interesting video. Was the research that informed it made before the city bonuses debacle?