Wednesday, 7 April 2010


A key part of my agenda as chair of the IAB Social Media Council is to grow, and professionalise the industry. And as part of this effort to grow, and professionalise the industry, the IAB Social Media Council is launching a Practitioner Certificate to educate new starters. I'm personally very excited by this initiative.

The background:

The IAB Social Media Practitioner Certificate is a series of 5 sessions, all 2 hours in length - complete with coursework - designed to turn new starters within the industry into real experts. Social media is a vast, complex and thoroughly diverse space, so we believe that an introduction should be much more than a one-hour presentation. This is why we’re inviting 60 social media beginners to sign up and let us teach them how to become a social media practitioner.

We’ve employed the collective expertise of the IAB Social Media Council - representing media owners, creative, media and social agencies - to help nurture upcoming talent in the industry and provide young workers within the industry with the foundations needed to succeed.

Covering definitions of social media, industry research and all the case studies we can get our hands on, over 5 months our delegates will have all the latest, most practical knowledge at their fingertips. From word of mouth marketing to paid-for advertising, research and measurement to public affairs, this is an essential induction to the social media space.

More information, and to book:

To book a place click here IAB Social Media Council Practitioners Certificate

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