Monday, 29 March 2010


Obama ran a legendary general election campaign. Social media was a key part of that strategy. It's a shame he didn't carry through from his candidacy to his presidency, the same spirit of inventiveness, and focus on social media. He seems to have abandoned his social media tools, and now just seeks to spam people with email.

One of the smartest things he has done with digital recently is the Final March initiative, where his team invited people to call Congress:

After months of hard work, the final vote on health reform in the House of Representatives is expected to be this Sunday.

But it's shaping up to be incredibly close -- so whether you've called your representative before or haven't yet spoken out on health reform, it's now time to raise your voice.

Healthcare seems to be a turning point for him, but if he would have used social networks to mobilise grassroots networks earlier (as he did in his campaign) he might have been able to counter the "Tea Party" movement much earlier, which is itself a grassroots network that uses the web.

Obama's use of social media changed campaigning forever, but what he perhaps didn't realise is that he had also changed governing forever as well. Obama needs a new digital strategy.

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