Monday, 14 December 2009


Google has launched into social search by concluding deals with both Twitter and Facebook. I'm interested in where this might go.

The division between social media and search will disappear, and we should expect to see more spamming of social media to increase search traffic. Google miscalculated and missed a key evolution of search, after both Facebook and Twitter have won the real time search battle.

Google will remain number 1 in search but the search business is going to become increasingly fragmented. Mobile search is still an open field, and we are only at the dawn of semantic search. Even within social search, there is in my head, a further division, which includes real-time search (which Google is focused on), and geo search. There are many billions of dollars at stake, and the game just got a bit more unpredictable and interesting.

This is all still incredibly experimental but we all now need to master something new (again).

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