Thursday, 19 November 2009


I was recently elected Chair of the Internet Advertising Bureau's Social Media Council. See here for more detail.

The IAB social media council comprises of media owners, social networks, brands, creative, media and specialist social media agencies and was launched in 2008 to educate the industry about the opportunities within this space. With a range of experience and expert knowledge, the council’s collective remit includes word of mouth marketing and blogger outreach, content distribution, digital creative and social media research. I will take over the role from Lloyd Salmons, founder and CEO of agency Outside Line.

I will spend the year facilitating meetings, engaging with industry leaders and driving council initiatives, and acting on a proposed ‘6 Point Plan’ for the group:

1. Empowering ambassadors of specialist topics within the diverse membership of the social media council, thus giving every member a voice.

2. Sharing the council’s knowledge and practical guidance with the wider industry via editorial and video content each month.

3. Promoting the council as a ‘shop window’ for social talent and agencies.

4. To create standards, tools, templates, and systems to help grow the social media business in the UK.

5. To liaise directly with industry influencers on a regular basis with focused presentations and case studies.

6. To lobby and promote social media and the council to the major holding companies and industry bodies to ensure all relevant groups are talking in the same language.

Point 4 is of particular importance. Creating standards, tools, and systems will be key in growing the business, and upgrading it from a cottage industry. My aim is to bring some of the open source sensibilities already prevalent in social media into the social media council, so we can grow the overall business. We'll be developing tools, templates, and processes collectively, and will share these with the wider industry. We plan to break out of the confines of the ‘social media cluster’ and connect with the biggest advertisers and agencies in the UK, on their terms, offering training and support.

These goals will feed into the IAB’s ongoing role in supporting the social media industry via educational materials, dedicated forums for debate, marketing and consumer insights.


Michael Litman said...

Many congratulations Tony, I know it must have been a hard fought battle! I wish you well with it and hope I can play a part in some way.

Tony Effik said...

Michael, thanks for your message. I am very likely to take you up on your offer to play a part. There is a big job ahead to grow social media