Tuesday, 22 September 2009


I recently discovered another amazing data visualisation from another superstar of the data visualisation world, Jer Thorpe. Add him to the list that includes Aaron Koblin and Manuel Lima. This area might seem overly specialist and artistically slightly indulgent for many of us, but it's not. There is a new science and craft developing here. We will be able to see and understand things about human culture, and the world around us that we would never of dreamed of before, and with greater clarity comes greater inventiveness.

This is how Jer Thorpe describes his Good Morning project:

GoodMorning! is a Twitter visualization tool that shows about 11,000 ‘good morning’ tweets over a 24 hour period, rendering a simple sample of Twitter activity around the globe. The tweets are colour-coded: green blocks are early tweets, orange ones are around 9am, and red tweets are later in the morning. Black blocks are ‘out of time’ tweets which said good morning (or a non-english equivalent) at a strange time in the day. Click on the image above to see North America in detail (click on the ‘all sizes’ button to see the high-res version, which is 6400×3600), or watch the video below to see the ‘good morning’ wave travel around the globe:

More details about his thinking on this project here, and here is the video.

GoodMorning! Full Render #2 from blprnt on Vimeo.

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