Tuesday, 28 April 2009


The kid who does this video, has just become the first person to get 1m subscribers to his YouTube channel and YouTube says he is also making "tens of thousands" of dollars each month via text overlays and display ads on his YouTube channel.

The content is truly atrocious, but it does signify two things:
  • One positive: It starts to establish there can be a model for commercialising user generated video (and Google will breath a big sigh of relief). This opens the door for the citizen consumer to establish platforms for self expression, and get paid doing it
  • One very negative: When the consumer citizen gets his platform, the base of that platform is not usually very high off the ground. Instead its usually only one step up from the swamp, and the dumbest things are usually the most popular things. Sounds a bit like commercial television doesn't it?
All those revolutionaries that thought unmediated self-expression would lead to a new republic... have now got Fred.


peter said...

please someone put this kid out of his misery jesus

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