Tuesday, 21 April 2009


If you are going to sell a TV set it makes sense to sell it by demonstrating the quality of the viewing experience -and it probably makes sense doing that using a spectacular film. But the film has to be great. Remember the Sony Balls campaign

This Philips campaign to sell their 21:9 Philips Carousel shows how to do it.

I love the film, but have very mixed feelings about this as an overall campaign. The site is a bit of a disappointment. Great film, but it didn't make me feel any different to Philips. They create this film that draws you into this amazing world, but that's it. The film says nothing about the product in any truly meaningful way. Once you watch the film, the only thing there is an invitation to visit a very basic product site.

Its a bold move, but I wanted to get involved. I wanted to solve the mystery and work it out, but I couldn't. People will definitely talk about this idea - I have - so it also creates conversational capital about the brand, but when you create a world like this you have to plan the whole experience not just the film.

What's missing here is a understanding of how carry the audience with you right through the whole engagement experience. Overall its a great idea, with great production values, and people who wouldn't normally talk about Philips are talking about Philips. It's a further demonstration of how brands will need to invest in great content, and it supports my view that brands will eventually become some of the best and biggest media owners.

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