Wednesday, 3 September 2008


Here is an interesting article in the UK Daily Telegraph about how ordinary members of the public are making money out of YouTube and other sites. I was asked by the journalist Tom O'Meara how advertisers see all these sites.

My view is that some advertisers are scared of controversial content, but the real problem is bigger than that. Clickthrough rates of banner advertising in these sites is low because of the mind state and task orientation of the visitor types - e.g. I'm here to catch up with my friends, not click on ads - and doing anything more elaborate for each site just isn't scalable.

It's one of the big challenges of social media. The future success of Facebook and other social media depends on a convincing answer.

Here is the link to the piece


Tribesmart said...


Interesting piece. Myself and a colleague have just launched a social shopping site called

It might be of interest to you given your profile. The site is brand new and so far has recieved a big thumbs up from mashable - I would certainly welcome your thoughts.


Tony Effik said...

I just had a sneek peek, and I like the idea. I'll give it a more detailed browse later and come back to you. Social shopping is how we shop. Is now, and always was. So bringing it to the web sounds smart

Anonymous said...

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