Wednesday, 23 July 2008


It was much reported earlier this year when Facebook finally overtook MySpace in visitor figures. The Alexa chart above reconfirms the position that was reported by both Nielsen and Comscore. However, when it comes to page views, the real currency of online advertising, it appears that MySpace is still ahead according to the Alexa chart below.

One of the reasons for this, I'd suggest, is MySpace's investment in original content. There are celebrity interviews, music videos, film trailers, and competitions. All of this in addition to its core user generated content and community features.

As a strategic part of the Rupert Murdoch stable it understands the entertainment business and has been able to leverage relationships and content from other parts of the empire and played to its key strengths in the entertainment business. It does have to be careful however, as this was the mistake Yahoo made when it forgot it was a search engine under Terry Semel.
As I said on my last Facebook versus MySpace posting, MySpace looks like it is now going to stay pretty much specialised in music and film, whilst Facebook is taking the general utility crown. But 2008 promises to be the year of the niche social networks and data portability, so watch out Facebook, it might be you who comes back from lunch hungry.

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