Saturday, 28 June 2008


It's been well documented how Barack Obama fought a clever strategy using digital media that outsmarted Hilary. He had Obama Girl as seen above, and spawned a whole host of responses and conversations over the web. Obama used Blue State Digital to help him, and they helped him raise $100m from 1million users. Obama's YouTube channel had more videos than Hillary's, and he had more friends on Facebook. The list goes on. And this approach helped win the votes of the young and the well educated, but failed to win him the votes of the white working class. It seems they are not huge fans of social media or at least are unaffected by it. What's perhaps interesting now, is that McCain is going after this same audience that Hilary captured. Can social media help?

Google Trends for Websites -a great new launch from Google - can show the difference in visitors to both the official Obama site and McCain site - see below. And this shows Obama is massively ahead when it comes to traffic to his official site, when compared to John McCain's.
Equally when it comes to search traffic the difference is also sizable, as shown below.

Without going onto Facebook, or MySpace I'd also hazard a guess Obama has more fans there than McCain, but will this make a difference if some sections of society are not using these media? The answer in no.

Obama now needs to use those cyber-citizens to help convert those non-cyber dwelling citizens through citizen advocacy. If we are all 6 degrees of separation away from each other - in theory - this should be feasible, but challenging. There are bridges that connect every community with other communities. Who are these bridges and what should these connectors do? It will be interesting to watch to see whether Obama can answer these questions successfully? His success will depend on it.

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Anonymous said...

Obama Girl? Now that's living the digital dream!

Saul said...

Ditto Barack's Twitter campaign. At the last count, he has more than 44,000 "followers" on the much-hyped service. But -- as you've said Mr Effik -- can he convert those first-mover, tech-literate fans into significant votes? He scores points with the middle classes, the young, and the media savvy (re: Obama Girl). These groups are supremely confident online, but elections aren't won in cyberspace...

Tony Effik said...

I'm with you Saul that elections are not won in cyberspace, but at some point in the future they will. A little like Kennedy winning that election against Nixon through his telegenic TV performance, the time for winning elections (and customers) online is here, or here very soon.

Anonymous said...

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