Tuesday, 15 January 2008


There has been lots of criticism of the pollsters post-New Hampshire, but if the commentators had consulted Google, they'd see how close the race was in terms of searches for each candidate, and could have even predicted Iowa. Click here for more detail.

Search is like a lightning rod to what is happening culturally, and what popular opinion and interests are. It's simple, you search for what you are interested in, and Clinton and Obama appear to be running neck and neck in the ballot box as well as on search. The two unpredictables here are that 1) anything can appear at the other end when you click that link: good, and bad stuff; and 2) you probably only search when you have an incomplete picture.

So now in addition to virals, YouTube, and all the other digital things a candidate now does, they now have the added battle of getting to the top of search engine results. This is truly a digital election.