Thursday, 10 January 2008


It's funny what makes the papers. Brands spend months and sometimes years, and millions of dollars trying to get a message to spread and it's frequently unsuccessful. Working out the right formula is key, but still an inexact science. I do, however, think there is something powerful about juxtaposing opposites. A Dairy Milk gorilla playing drums, Honda hate is good, HSBC with the world's local bank, and now Kanye West and Beyonce playing Connect 4! Celebrity and board games?

Kanye is big in the UK and his blog seems to go back a long time, so it's surprising to see that after he posted this picture of him playing Connect 4 with Beyonce it went viral. The newspapers sourced it from his blog, and I was reading about it in a newspaper on the train to work the next day. It was picked up by many others in the mainstream media, and on Google it appears in search results 7,490 times. They were either searching his blog on a daily basis, or he had a very good PR on the team. Apparently Beyonce won the game, but Kanye also seems to have won in the publicity game.