Wednesday, 30 January 2008


Just when you thought the number of chain letters in your email inbox was dying down, they have now hit Facebook. As usual they try and capture your attention with some form of vague intrigue, usually sent from a friend, and then when you complete the task you are sadly disappointed. I've got the ones above a total of five times already. Have you received any of the two chain letters on Superwall or Funwall yet on Facebook? And although very irritating they show that people are starting to use the apps in ways that make messages go viral, rather than focusing on making the apps go viral.

Facebook has become this complex, jungle of an ecosystem, where new apps, groups, networks, and interests proliferate. Finding your way around and knowing how to fully capitalise on the opportunities is getting difficult. Although a double-edged sword these chain letters show something annoying, but evolutionary. People are learning and cutting through the complexity.

Expect the number of these to explode, as people start to become much more innovative with the platform, and as they evolve the apps to new places. This is a huge step for Facebook, as it starts to open up real viral communication opportunities for brands. Brands are also starting to mature in how they use and explore the platform, which is becoming like a huge metropolis with hidden neighbourhoods, secret routes, and it's centres of affluence, and ghettos of poverty.

Facebook needs a map. Has anybody got a map?