Wednesday, 24 October 2007


"Tony Effik, associate director of Modem Media, which created a viral for Hewlett-Packard called 'Tea runner', believes better mapping of social networks is required. 'We need to identify the core adopters and disseminators of information,' he says. 'But it has to be done on a client-by-client basis; there is no one place you can go to find out who your potential customers are.' As Effik suggests, data holds the key to viral success and evidence of the medium's burgeoning maturity can to be found in its increased use in eCRM campaigns. Though virals still tend to be ejected into cyberspace with little more than a prayer from the marketing manager, more agencies are now offering data collection as part of their remit."

"Online Advertising: The benefits of maturity"
21 Mar 2007
Marketing Magazine